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Jacob Budenz returns for a discussion of poetry, music, art, and how all of them intersect with witchcraft and magic. Jake shares some of their process, and discusses influences from a wide array of mystics and artists, including the anchoress Julian of Norwitch and artist Marjorie Kemp. This episode was...
Derek Hunter joins me in this episode to explore the rich and confusing world of literature in Elizabethan England! We talk about a number of very interesting characters, especially how they may relate to the question of the identity of William Shakespeare and the authorship of his plays. Derek is...

Latest Articles

The Playfair Cipher for Magic 4 July 2024 by Reverend Erik - I have just released a new online tool for generating Playfair cipher keys using whatever text you feel like using. While this may seem like an unusual tool for a website like this, those who have taken my class, The Other Trithemian Art, or heard me talk about using modern hand-ciphers with Renaissance magical techniques,... Read more »
New music: Kepler’s Witch Mom 17 April 2024 by Reverend Erik - I used three different MIDI keyboards and a bunch of sound effects to create this soundscape-rich taiko-drum-driven musical interpretation of the story of Katharina Kepler and how she was accused of witchcraft.
The Magician’s Art of Memory 6 April 2024 by Reverend Erik - Announcing a new class! Renaissance magicians believed in pansophia, that one person could contain all the knowledge of the cosmos. They developed an Art of Memory designed to contain all of this information, based on their understanding of learning, imagination, and the occult properties of the soul. Why did the Art of Memory disappear, and... Read more »

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