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Jacob Budenz joins me to discuss Greco-Roman witchcraft, and in particular the influences of a number of classical texts have had upon modern witchcraft practices. We discuss “Idyll II” by Theocritus, Euripides’ Medea, and Metamorphoses by Apueleius (aka The Golden Ass). Jacob is a queer author, multi-disciplinary performer, educator, and...
I was recently a guest on Mat Dragonstone’s podcast to talk about Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and his theories on divine light. My internet connection was doing horribly, though, so Mat had to do a lot of creative editing to get the episode to come out okay. He did an AMAZING...

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The Magical Philosophy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa 19 February 2024 by Reverend Erik - I am now happy to offer my class, The Magical Philosophy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, online! This class explores Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s theory of divine light as illustrated in Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We will examine divine light’s role in both interior and exterior perception, an essential foundation for understanding the practice of image... Read more »
A cat sticker in a car window. Happy New Year! 1 January 2024 by Reverend Erik - It’s now 2024, and things are happening! If you are in Portland, you can come and see me speak at Dark Star Magick this month. Read on for details and for more news.
Ancient Calendar (left) Listen to the 2024 Forecast 31 December 2023 by Reverend Erik - The Confraternity of Prognosticators has once more assembled! My good friends Andrew B. Watt and T. Susan Chang joined me recently to look back over our 2023 forecast, and then use astrology and Tarot to do a month-by-month forecast of 2024.

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