Reverend Erik poses for a picture against a wall.
What is it about Arnemancy? Arnemancy is the Hermetic philosophy and Tarot reading technique of the Reverend Erik L. Arneson. That’s me. I have over 25 years of experience with Tarot and have studied Hermeticism for almost two decades. My studies have given me a deep and knowledgeable connection to the cards. Reading cards for another person is intended to simply be entertainment, but there is definitely a message that the cards convey. Their images speak to archetypal ideas within us, and that’s a tool that can be used for greater self-awareness and communication with our unconscious minds.

About Reverend Erik

Tarot reading is one of several things I do professionally. As a bona fide Johannes factotum, I have a number of other skills I enjoy practicing. If you’d like to learn about my Masonic writings, visit TransforMason.org. If you’d like to have me officiate a wedding, check out my wedding service page. I also develop software and work with information security.