2023 Forecast Specials

The 2023 Forecast featuring T. Susan Chang and Andrew B. Watt is upon us! Like in years past, the three of us are all offering a special discount. This year, you can use the code 23ANDYOU to get a 23% discount off of various services and classes from our respective websites.

Note that you can currently listen to part 1 of the forecast on Patreon!

Your Own Private Tarot Lesson with T. Susan Chang

Susie is offering 23% off her one-on-one tarot mentorship sessions! What’s a mentorship session? Your own private tarot lesson with a veteran practitioner. Confused about how to interpret a reading you did for yourself? Got questions about technique? Correspondences? Metaphysics? Ask Susie anything! as long as it’s about tarot.

This offer expires on January 23, 2023. Book an appointment on her website and don’t forget to use code 23ANDYOU for a 23% discount!

Astrology, Geomancy, and Tarot with Andrew B. Watt

Andrew is offering 23% off all of his services with code 23ANDYOU! He offers astrology, geomancy, and Tarot divination. The discount is good through January 31, 2023, and you can book any of his services right now!

Names and Signs: From Election to Talisman with Reverend Erik

Get 23% off my next online class with code 23ANDYOU! Book now!

Between finding the election and crafting the talisman, there are many steps that the astrological magician takes. In this online class, learn techniques for the calculation of spirit names using techniques from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, as well as sigil generating techniques from the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy.

This online class will be on January 22, 2023. There are limited spots available, so reserve your place now!

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