The Magical Philosophy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

I am now happy to offer my class, The Magical Philosophy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, online!

This class explores Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s theory of divine light as illustrated in Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We will examine divine light’s role in both interior and exterior perception, an essential foundation for understanding the practice of image magic. Agrippa’s theory builds upon the earlier theory of rays of celestial influence that connected the macrocosm to the microcosm, and echoes of this approach have made their way into even modern magical practice.

About the Class

In this class, you will learn many interesting elements of Agrippa’s magical theory, including:

  • Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy and its place within the Renaissance hermetic tradition.
  • Understanding divine light as the intermediary between the celestial and physical world.
  • Learning how active perception with the inner senses is core to Agrippa’s magic.
  • Techniques for empowering magical images using Agrippa’s theory of divine light.

This class is intended for any student of magic or Western occultism who wants to learn more about Three Books of Occult Philosophy and its importance in the Western esoteric tradition.

More Information

If you want to get some more background for this class, check out this episode from my series on Three Books of Occult Philosophy. You may also want to pick up your own copy of the best English translation of the book.

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