Podcast Episodes

Jacob Budenz returns for a discussion of poetry, music, art, and how all of them intersect with witchcraft and magic. Jake shares some of their process, and discusses influences from a wide array of mystics and artists, including the anchoress Julian of Norwitch and artist Marjorie Kemp. This episode was a blast—we laughed a lot,… Read more »

Derek Hunter joins me in this episode to explore the rich and confusing world of literature in Elizabethan England! We talk about a number of very interesting characters, especially how they may relate to the question of the identity of William Shakespeare and the authorship of his plays. Derek is theauthor of 15 books—11 works… Read more »

Bishop Scott Rassbach joins me in this episode to discuss the Apostolic Johannite Church, the Friary Ordo Sacrae Flammae, and the AJC’s annual Conclave, and all manner of mystical strangeness. Bishop Rassach has a Bachelor’s degree in English and History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he prepared on a thesis on Philip K. Dick… Read more »

In this episode, Dr. Nick Literski joins me to explore the topic of spiritual guidance. What does a spiritual guide do? Who should seek one out? Along the way, we dive into the latest findings on religious affiliations and behaviors, which suggest that many identify with being spiritual seekers outside traditional settings. In such a… Read more »

Rejoice, lovely listeners! In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Mat Dragonstone, astrologer, Tarot reader, astro-mage, all round nice guy. This is part two of our discussion on Agrippa, and you should definitely listen to part one on Mat’s podcast before listening to this one. Our discussion begins with a conversation about two logical… Read more »

Jacob Budenz joins me to discuss Greco-Roman witchcraft, and in particular the influences of a number of classical texts have had upon modern witchcraft practices. We discuss “Idyll II” by Theocritus, Euripides’ Medea, and Metamorphoses by Apueleius (aka The Golden Ass). Jacob is a queer author, multi-disciplinary performer, educator, and witch with an MFA from… Read more »

I was recently a guest on Mat Dragonstone’s podcast to talk about Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and his theories on divine light. My internet connection was doing horribly, though, so Mat had to do a lot of creative editing to get the episode to come out okay. He did an AMAZING job. Give it a listen,… Read more »

Would Mormonism even exist without magical treasure hunting? This is an amazing question and a strange topic, and I am really thrilled that I get to explore this topic with my guest in this episode, Dr. Nick Literski! Dr. Nick Literski is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies,… Read more »

Heather Freeman returns to the podcast to share her newest podcast project: Magic in the United States. Heather is a Professor of Digital Media at the University of North Charlotte at Charlotte. Her new podcast covers centuries of history of magical practice and folk traditions in North America. Join us as she leads us on… Read more »

Here we are with the last episode of the year! This is part 2 of the 2024 forecast, featuring the Confraternity of Prognosticators, T. Susan Chang and Andrew B. Watt. You will definitely want to listen to part 1 before this, so go back and check that out. In this episode, we cover 2024, July… Read more »