Pansophia and the Art of Memory


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This is a video recording of a lecture given online on March 19th, 2020. It is available as an on-demand video rental.

The Art of Memory has been associated with learning, craftsmanship, and even mystical revelation. This lecture will explore memory through antiquity, its connection with pansophia and image magic in the Renaissance, and its conflict with the written word and the rise of literacy. We will also explore the role of the Art of Memory in the development of Freemasonry.

Erik L. Arneson became a Freemason in 2000 and hasserved in a variety of roles. He is currently the Secretary of the Lewis & Clark Chapter of the Philalethes Society, an independent Masonic research organization. He is an independent scholar who has been writing and speaking on the Art of Memory since 2004. His studies have focused on classical Hermeticism, early Freemasonry, and the history of magic. He runs the Arnemancy website and podcast.


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