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Friends, this Friday at 5pm I’ll be reading #Tarot at Pairings Portland! Come and join me, drink some wine, get some weirdness in you, and start your weekend right! I’ll see you there. #Arnemancy #wine #pdx #pdxevents via Instagram

Friends, creatures, and miscellaneous! Tonight I will be reading #Tarot at @pairingspdx, Portland’s weirdest wine spot! There will also be #chocolate and #wine going on! Don’t let this be another normal boring Friday — come see me and learn the mysteries of the cosmos! I’ll see you there. #Arnemancy #pdx #pdxwine via Instagram

Join me at @pairingspdx on Saturday for wine, chocolate, and TAROT!!! I will be giving 3-card readings for $10 and you can drink wine while it happens! I’ll have the #RotaTarot from @soror_tzadkiel and the #TwinPeaks Tarot with me. Come and see what the magic is all about! . #pdx #pdxwine #tarot #chocolate #hangoutwithcoolpeople #Arnemancy… Read more »

Come down in costume for wine deals and a #Tarot reading! Because #Halloween is a perfect time for that! I’ll be here until possibly 10pm. Bring chocolate! #pdx #pdxevents #arnemancy #wine #RotaTarot via Instagram

Upcoming Tarot Reading Events

It’s October, which means that Hallowe’en is here! Many of you have been wondering when I’ll be doing more Tarot readings, and the answer is this month. Pairings Portland has invited me to read Tarot at their wine shop two nights this month. I will be there on October 27th and October 31st. We are… Read more »

Learning from Qabalah Qlub

In January, the Portland Scottish Rite Valley started a monthly club night. I came up with an idea for a club to study Hermetic Qabalah as it’s presented in Morals & Dogma and the Scottish Rite degrees. This has been an incredible learning experience for me.