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Friends, I’ve created a Patreon account to support my writing and podcasting on Tarot and the occult and other weird stuff. Send me a dollar a month! I will name my firstborn after you. Link is in my bio. #patreon #arnemancy #tarot #occult #starvingauthor #writing via Instagram

Help support my writing and works by becoming a supporter on Patreon! Access to exclusive patron-only content starts at just one dollar! Here are some exclusive pieces that I plan to offer: Ritual outlines based on grimoires and the Greek Magical Papyri Techniques related to the occult Art of Memory Early access to articles and… Read more »

The Cruzin With Steak podcast is hosted by two super nice guys, Grimsteak and James Cruz. They were kind enough to invite me onto the show, so I’d like to invite you to check out my interview in episode 41!

Join me at @pairingspdx on Saturday for wine, chocolate, and TAROT!!! I will be giving 3-card readings for $10 and you can drink wine while it happens! I’ll have the #RotaTarot from @soror_tzadkiel and the #TwinPeaks Tarot with me. Come and see what the magic is all about! . #pdx #pdxwine #tarot #chocolate #hangoutwithcoolpeople #Arnemancy… Read more »

Some reading for the train. This book makes some interesting claims about the history of #Tarot that actually don’t seem that far fetched. I haven’t gotten into the real meat of the book yet, but it’s got a section on the Mantegna Tarot. A good sign! #AurumSolis #horriblefont #book #occult #arnemancy #ocdlaleftovers via Instagram