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Come down in costume for wine deals and a #Tarot reading! Because #Halloween is a perfect time for that! I’ll be here until possibly 10pm. Bring chocolate! #pdx #pdxevents #arnemancy #wine #RotaTarot via Instagram

Upcoming Tarot Reading Events

It’s October, which means that Hallowe’en is here! Many of you have been wondering when I’ll be doing more Tarot readings, and the answer is this month. Pairings Portland has invited me to read Tarot at their wine shop two nights this month. I will be there on October 27th and October 31st. We are… Read more »

This is one of my first books on traditional Kabbalah and that printout of the Hebrew alphabet was one of my first learning aids and Kabbalah bookmarks. #learning #occult #mystic #golem #seferyetzirah #arnemancy via Instagram

The Tarot is a never-ending journey. A rabbit hole of esoteric symbolism! Spending time with @soror_tzadkiel’s #RotaTarot and taking to her about it is a great reminder that I’ve got a lot left to learn. The Major Arcana in a wheel reminds me of the 231 Gates, like Bruno’s Seal of Seals. So many possibilities!… Read more »

Oh yeah, #Arnemancy is gonna be famous. I was background flavor in a movie recently. And I had the #RotaTarot by @soror_tzadkiel on display! It’s going to be good! #tarot #moviestar #probablyfamous via Instagram

One of the meditations I’m teaching the Qabalah Qlub is simply coloring. This doesn’t require knowing any particular set of color correspondences. It’s a contemplative method of learning the Sefirot on the Tree in relation to each other. #qabalah #קק #arnemancy #coloring #kabbalah via Instagram