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Since The Press Club closed, I’m without a regular home for my weekly Tarot readings. I’m looking for a few good venues for my Friday afternoons! What Does It Take? I only need a place with a free table that I can take over for a few hours. I don’t want to take up valuable… Read more »

Kicking off our Card of the Week feature is the Magician, the second of the major arcana. When I drew this card to write about, I didn’t really believe it. Who would believe that randomly I picked one of the best cards for starting off a new venture? If I was going to purposely select a… Read more »

I make Tarot card bags

If you’ve had your cards read by me before, then you’ve seen the nice Tarot card bags I use. Guess who makes them? Me. When I first started carrying Tarot cards with me, I just used the original box wrapped in duct tape. After getting my first sewing machine a few years ago, I began… Read more »