I make Tarot card bags

If you’ve had your cards read by me before, then you’ve seen the nice Tarot card bags I use. Guess who makes them? Me.

When I first started carrying Tarot cards with me, I just used the original box wrapped in duct tape. After getting my first sewing machine a few years ago, I began designing a sturdy bag for Tarot cards that would protect them sufficiently and not look too frilly and new-agey (is that a word?). These bags are what I came up with. They have a wrap-around cover that holds securely with a snap. There’s an internal pocket for a booklet. They’re tough.

And they’re for sale on Etsy! Here’s an example below. And yes, I will make custom bags. They don’t fit oversized decks very well.

[product_link id=47 title=”Navy blue canvas Tarot bag” external=true]

[product_content id=47]

[product_images id=47]

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