Announcing a New Podcast Project

Last Spring, while drinking beer with my good friend Matt, I said to him, “We should record a podcast!” At the time, I just meant that I wanted to be in an episode of his Masonic for The Laudable Pursuit. However, he thought I meant that we should start a whole new podcast. So we recruited another good friend, Joey, and got started.

Finally, our new podcast is ready to be unveiled. It’s called My Alchemical Bromance and it’s all about beer and the occult. So far we have released a short promo episode and one full length episode. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

My Alchemical Bromance

Note added on 4 June 2019: My Alchemical Bromance is now on hiatus, but I’m still podcasting right here at the Arnemancy Podcast.

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