Introducing the Daimon Sigil Generator

I have added a new tool to the resources section of the website: the Daimon Sigil Generator! You can go check it out immediately, or keep reading for some additional background.

Where did this idea come from?

It’s from The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy! This Renaissance grimoire was originally purported to be written by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. This would make sense, because he is, after all, the author of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy. The Fourth Book (FBOP) was released after Agrippa’s death, however, and one of his closest students was adamant that it was not written by the same person.

Whether penned by Agrippa or Pseudo-Agrippa, FBOP contains a wealth of delightful gems. You can learn more about it in this podcast episode with Douglas Batchelor from What Magic is This?. In one section of FBOP, there is a method for transforming a spirit name into a sigil or character that uses a very primitive type of cryptographic hash. Though written in very obtuse Latin, the formula ends up being:

3nc + v \;\mathrm{mod}\; 24 = x


  • n is the current position in the name (starting at 1)
  • c is the number of letters in the name
  • v is the numerical value of the current letter (starting at 1)

The output, x, is an index into a table of characters, which you can view online. Since this algorithm can be time-consuming and confusing to do by hand, here is a tool that will do it all for you!

It turns out that math and magic were closely intertwined in the past!

It’s open source, so you can look at what’s happening!

I know that there are lots of programmers and tech nerds in the occult community, and I also know that there is all kinds of weird and interesting math hidden in grimoires and old occult texts. It would be great to see more of you creating and contributing tools, so to that end, I have released both of my Agrippa-related web tools as open source projects.

If you are not a programmer or tech nerd, and you want to support this kind of tool creation, you can help out by using the tool and telling others about it! You can also help by supporting my work at Arnemancy through Ko-Fi or other methods.

Enjoy your math and enjoy your magic!

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