New Rewards and Goals on Patreon!

I’ve made updates to my Patreon page! Here is a summary of what’s new.

Tarot Subscriptions

There are two new supporter tiers. The Tarot Subscriber ($30/month) gets one free 30-minute Tarot reading per month and is limited to 10 subscribers. The Tarot Super-Subscriber ($50/month) gets one free 60-minute Tarot reading per month and is limited to only 5 subscribers.

Moving Toward New Goals

I have updated my Patreon goals! Once we reach $200 per month, I will pay for one guest blog post every month! At $400, I will pay for two guest blog posts and hopefully have enough to hire copyediting help or podcast help.

You can help reach this goal by signing up at any support level! Become a Patreon supporter today!

Revamping the Neophyte Role

I’ve made some updates to the Neophyte support level ($5 per month) to more accurately reflect what I’m able to offer. The most important change is that starting in August, those at Neophyte and above will get to help me select topics for articles and other content. Join me by signing up as a Neophyte-level supporter!

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