Online Shop Opening and Classes Offered

Changes have been happening on the Arnemancy website! And they are good changes, too: we have added an online shop, new services, and classes, while still continuing to produce podcast episodes and blog posts.

Check Out the Arnemancy Shop

When I suddenly had books to sell, I knew it was time to open an online shop. The shop is still taking form, but it will offer a mix of services like Tarot readings by email, along with physical products like books, and digital downloads. Here is a preview of what you can expect:

I’ve got more plans for the shop. Hopefully good ones! You can sign up for the Arnemancy Newsletter if you want to be in the loop on these developments.

Maybe you are wondering why I have so many books to sell? It’s because I’m in one of them! Check it out!

Online Classes (Finally!!)

In February, I started offering online classes. The first class I offered was Introduction to Sigils, and it went incredibly well. There was a great response and a lot of support. That class is now available as a digital download, but I am open to offering it live again in the future if there’s enough interest.

My current online class offering is Planetary Magic I, which is part of a planned five-part series of classes that will dive deep into the esoteric study and use of the classical planets in the Western Mystery Tradition. The full series will probably look something like this:

  1. Introduction to Planetary Magic (Planetary Magic I)
  2. Working with the Moon (Planetary Magic II)
  3. Use Lunar spirits to “jump start” relationships with other planets (Planetary Magic III)
  4. Beginning planetary talismans based on days / hours (Planetary Magic IV)
  5. Astrological talismans based on elections (Planetary Magic V)

It’s an ambitious project, especially that jump from step 4 to step 5 – that is gonna be a trip to Picatrix-land and electional astrology. Should be fun!

Use code DISTANCE when you sign up for Planetary Magic I to get a 30% discount, but only if you sign up by March 25th!

And Here’s a Secret

If you are interested in any of these offerings, you should check out my Patreon site. My supporters over on Patreon get lots of crazy discounts and benefits, mostly because it’s because of them that I get to do this stuff. Go on, check it out!

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