Wrapping Up Season One and Other News

My last podcast episode with Misha Magdalene was the 32nd episode of the Arnemancy Podcast and also the last episode of season one. I’m taking the summer off to record less and work on some new ideas for season two.

Season one of the podcast has been such an excellent experience. I’ve had dozens of incredible conversations with friends new and old, learned so many new things, and (maybe) finally hit my stride with podcast production. All of this has been made possible by support from the incredible community of occultists, esotericists, historians, and philosophers I’ve come to know. My extra special thanks goes out to my amazing Patreon supporters.

Summer Projects

Over the summer I’ll be working on new projects. On the Arnemancy Patreon page, I will be releasing a miniseries of podcast episodes that dive into behind-the-scenes processes, tools, and techniques I use to produce the Arnemancy Podcast as a one-person operation.

Meanwhile, I am also working on the fifth and final part of my Planetary Magic course: Astrological Talismans! I am taking my time with this class to make sure I can get it just right. Watch for enrollment to be announced near the end of July. This gives you plenty of time to get caught up on the first four classes in the course, which are available as digital downloads in the Arnemancy Shop.

What About Season Two?

The current plan is for season two of the podcast to start up in September. There may be some format changes, but I haven’t finished figuring out what that might entail. Look for a season two trailer release near the end of August!

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