Card of the Week: Eight of Cups

Eight of CupsI know it’s late, but it’s still the Card of the Week: the Eight of Cups. This card depicts a figure walking uphill away from a stack of cups. Overhead, the Man in the Moon watches on, but he doesn’t wear a happy face.  It’s night time, and water runs all around. In the distance, more rugged mountains can be seen.

Practicality or Avoidance?

Eights can be seen as cards of practicality and balance. In this card, the traveler retreats from the cups. He doesn’t engage with them, and instead is doing hard work. He treks up the hill, abandoning whatever emotional issue he was dealing with. Avoiding an issue isn’t always the best or most permanent option, but sometimes it’s a necessary one.

Sometimes, we can get so embroiled in our emotions that we lose sight of the big picture. The practical side of this card is the one that leaves behind an emotional quagmire to focus on the task at hand. He will get things done.

The Indifferent Moon

Sometimes when I look at the Moon in this card, it seems more indifferent than sad. This indicates that at times, we need to let go of an emotional situation because it’s just not as essential as we thought it was. The Moon is indifferent because he’s bored. The traveler wasn’t doing anything exciting with the Cups.

Walking away from a situation and clearing yourself of its emotional shackles can be liberating. The traveler is about to figure this out.

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