Card of the Week: The Queen of Wands


Wands are the suit of passions and inspirations. They are the cards of elemental fire. Queens often signify the power to make choices, but can also represent a choice itself. A couple of symbols in this card leap out at me. Some are more subtle.

Act With Inspiration

The Queen looks out over the countryside with a look of benevolent wisdom. She holds a sprouting staff and a sunflower. The sunflower motif repeats on her throne. Solar symbolism indicates inspired wisdom, and the ability to make a decision from a solid place.

In addition, the lion tails behind her make the shape reminiscent of a violin’s f-holes, which makes me think of the harmonious music of the spheres.

Playing With Fire

The Wands are great cards, but they’re not always safe cards. This card is rife with danger signs: The lions adorning the throne, the blasted landscape, and the black cat. Even solar symbolism, though primarily positive, is something to be wary of. Do not forget the lesson of Icarus!

Some decisions, even wise and necessary ones, involve playing with fire. It’s not a time to let your guard down. Watch out for those claws.


Russell R Boedeker

I see the queen of wands as a personification of the mastery of the wand – the inner fire – that can drive you towards your passions. Great to have for self confidence and spiritual mastery of your situation. She seems relaxed, aware of her capabilities and not defensive. Yes in all the enthusiasm there are claws!

Reverend Erik

I usually view the Kings as the mastery cards, and the Queens as experts at decision-making. But I definitely see what you’re talking about.


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