Listen to the 2024 Forecast

The Confraternity of Prognosticators has once more assembled! My good friends Andrew B. Watt and T. Susan Chang joined me recently to look back over our 2023 forecast, and then use astrology and Tarot to do a month-by-month forecast of 2024.

The forecast series has been such a blast to produce. Andrew and I started this project back in 2019, where we looked to the future and completely failed to predict the enormous scope of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in 2020, just a week before the lockdowns started, I had the pleasure of meeting T. Susan Chang in person at the Northwest Tarot Symposium.

At the end of 2020, Andrew suggested that we invite Susie to join us to use Tarot to give a different perspective to our forecast. Thus began our proud and slightly chaotic tradition! The 2024 forecast is our fourth year working together to attempt to gaze an entire year into the future. I hope you enjoy listening to this series as much as we enjoy making it.

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