My Reading List – Spring 2017

I came across this neat reading list post from Oliver Arthur Morgan and thought it would be fun to try something like that here. I talk a lot about the books I read, but it’s rare that I talk about the books that I’m going to read. Here’s a list of books I’m currently working on and books on deck.

Currently Reading

I have the bad habit of starting a bunch of books and then finishing all of them slowly over time.





  • Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune (re-reading this for Qabalah Qlub — and is it just me, or does she start out kinda racist?)

On Deck

These are books that I plan to add to my rotation as slots open up. How do I read so many books at once? Well, I keep them all over the house and tend to read them depending on where I’m hanging out.





These aren’t all of the books currently on my list, but they are the books that will be of the most interest to the readers of this blog. I hope you find something interesting to check out, and use it to keep learning!

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Russell R Boedeker

I just ordered the book by Brother Dunning. I can have him sign it in person in March.


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