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Introduction to Sigils

Introduction to SigilsFrom the seals of the Goetic spirits to the magical artwork of Austin Osman Spare, sigils are a cornerstone of magical work. They have been part of the Western esoteric tradition since its very roots. The art of working with sigils has continued to evolve and develop over time. At its core, a sigil is the perfect method to put the creativity and imagination of the practitioner to work quickly and effectively.

In this class, we will cover:

  • Chaos magic sigils
  • Planetary sigils with magic squares
  • Sigils with Aiq Bekar and magical alphabets
  • Different methods to charge a sigil
  • Advanced sigil techniques (e.g. servitors and image magic)

Planetary Magic Series

Since ancient Sumeria, western occultism has revolved around the influences of the seven classical planets. Their influence pervades everyday life, from the archetypes they present to the very names of the days of the weeks. This class is the first part of a course intended to guide the practitioner in harmonizing, communicating, and working with the powerful energies the classical planets have to offer.

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Planetary Magic I

Introduction to Planetary Magic (PMI)

In this course, you will learn:

  1. The basic natures of the seven classical planets
  2. How to build a planet-based magical routine
  3. The Spirits, Intelligences, and Archangels of the planets
  4. How to construct planetary rituals
  5. How to find your own planetary contacts
Lunar Magic (Planetary Magic II)

Lunar Magic (PMII)

“Heed the Moon in all your works,” advises the Picatrix, “since she is more important than all the other planets.” This class teaches Lunar magic and spirit contact. In this class you will learn:

  1. Lunar correspondences, angels, and spirits.
  2. How to construct rites for honoring and petitioning the Moon.
  3. A full rite for contacting the Olympic Spirit of the Moon.
  4. How to build a frame ritual for Lunar magic.
Planetary Petitions, Amulets, and Sigils (PM3)

Planetary Petitions, Amulets, and Sigils (PMIII)

Each planet has its powers, influences, and motions. In this class, learn about planetary petitions and prayers, crafting planetary amulets, and creating planetary sigils based on historical grimoires of planetary magic. In this class, you will learn:

  1. How to craft planetary petitions
  2. Planetary amulets – including instructions for a classic Solar-Martial amulet!
  3. Using the planets for thaumaturgy and theurgy
  4. Crafting planetary sigils – and not just with magic squares!
  5. Using your Lunar spirit for further planetary spirit contact
Planetary Talismans (PM4)

Planetary Talismans (PMIV)

Talismans are the key to mastering practical planetary magic. Planetary talismans are found across the Western mystery traditions, everywhere from ancient grimoires to Solomonic magic to modern Wicca. You will learn:

  1. A wide variety of uses for planetary talismans
  2. Talismans from the Key of Solomon and other Solomonic grimoires
  3. Ritual and timing for consecrating and activating talismans
  4. How to design your own planetary talismans
Astrological Talismans (Planetary Magic V)

Astrological Talismans (PMV)

The pinnacle of planetary magic is astrological magic — harnessing the actual positions and relationships of the planets to empower talismans and images. In this advanced class, you will learn how to:

  1. Calculate or discover the names of planetary spirits
  2. Utilize classical planetary images
  3. Create your own astrological images
  4. Design astrological talismans
  5. Invoke planetary powers and spirits

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