2023 Forecast with Andrew B. Watt and T. Susan Chang – Part 1

Welcome to part one of the 2023 Forecast featuring Andrew B. Watt and T. Susan Chang. As in previous years, we will look at charts and cards for each month of the coming year. Andrew will be handling the astrology, Susie the Tarot, and I will be moderating to make sure things stay on track. Part one covers the year chart, and the months January through June.

In this episode, we learn that Venus is the Queen of the Year, and the card of the year is the Queen of Swords. What does that mean? You will have to listen to learn more!

If you would like to download a PDF with all of the astrological charts that Andrew used for this forecast, you can sign up to Andrew B. Watt’s Patreon or to the Arnemancy Patreon.

Note that because I’m going to be traveling and away from both the log cabin basement and my normal recording setup, part 2 of this forecast won’t be available until the end of the first week of January, 2023.

2023 Forecast Specials

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