Astrological and Planetary Magic

It’s finally time for part seven of our exploration of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. In previous episodes, we have examined both the structure of Occult Philosophy and the worldview it attempts to explain. We are finally ready to take a closer look at one of the topics that this massive work is best known for: planetary and astrological magic!

This episode will cover a lot of material from across book 2 of Occult Philosophy. If you are looking for sections to read before listening to this episode, I would suggest starting with book 2, chapter 29, and reading through chapter 50. You’ll also want to read chapters 58 and 59, as I reference them specifically. However, after this episode, I believe you will want to spend some serious time studying all of book 2, especially going back over the parts about planets and spirits from earlier on.

As we will discover, both planetary and astrological magic cover a wide range of practices that occultists of all varieties are likely familiar with. You will find sigils, prayers, petitions, spirits, and hymns. In fact, this type of magic also leans heavily on occult correspondences, which can include metals, stones, crystals, herbs, foods, and animals.

And always remember, if you want to catch up with the rest of the Agrippa series, you can visit the home page for the series.



  • Thanks to Tuomo Sipola for his translation of the First Emblem from Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens. Tuomo and others in the -and-linguistics channel in the Hermetic House of Life Discord server all helped to figure out the mystery of this poem.
  • Thanks also to Josh Proto and J Swofford for their help in explaining and untangling the numerous mysteries of astrological magic and electional astrology.
  • Thanks also to Eric Purdue, who helped quite a bit with this episode behind the scenes.

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