The Alphabet of Human Thought with Jack Kausch

Joining me this episode to discuss artificial intelligence, theurgy, the art of memory, and the alphabet of human thought is my friend Jack Kausch.

Jack is a PhD student in Information Science at Western University of Ontario. His project is to create a characteristica universalis which uses hieroglyphs to translate information between different languages and domains of knowledge. He has also written esoteric fiction, including the novel Aretalogy, the story of how the historical figure of Imhotep lies at the origins of the Hermetic Tradition.

Our conversation explores linguistics and the ways in which language changes how we think. We discuss the idea of a natural semantic meta-language and whether or not such a thing is even possible! This is a crazy conversation, filled with ideas that are bound to give your personal ontology a bit of a shake-up. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!



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