The Shakespeare Question with Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter joins me in this episode to explore the rich and confusing world of literature in Elizabethan England! We talk about a number of very interesting characters, especially how they may relate to the question of the identity of William Shakespeare and the authorship of his plays.

Derek is theauthor of 15 books—11 works of fiction, 4 nonfiction—the creator of a philosophy called Love Chaos, an occult practitioner, and a general seeker after the variety and depths of existence.

Three of his most recent works are: Anonymous Agnostic Antichrists, Passionate Pilgrims, and The Human Drama Part Zero: The Fool, Frank Francine Fontaine. These were released in late 2023 and early 2024. AAA, a novel, and PP, a short nonfiction companion piece, were dedicated to the Shakespeare authorship question. The Human Drama series began this year with The Fool and will continue with The Magician on the Summer Solstice, a total of 78 short stories planned for the 78 tarot cards in the next 20 years.


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