Looking for New Friday Venues

Since The Press Club closed, I’m without a regular home for my weekly Tarot readings. I’m looking for a few good venues for my Friday afternoons!

What Does It Take?

I only need a place with a free table that I can take over for a few hours. I don’t want to take up valuable space in a really busy location. In fact, my Tarot readings will bring customers to the venue. A bar, coffee shop, or casual restaurant works best.

How Can You Help?

Are you a business owner who wants to add a little mystery to your Friday afternoon? Do you know of a business that would be a perfect fit for a weekly dose of Arnemancy? Please get in touch with  me! I’m eager for more ideas. I will happily pay for my use of your space with a cut of my sales.

If you have ideas, please contact me using the form below.