About: J Swofford

J Swofford
From his earliest days J has been a little different from other people. His parents, compromising on an argument, gave him as his full first name the letter "J". It has been a mixed blessing; wonderful in its uniqueness, cumbersome in its nonconvention. Although at times in his formative years he tried to deny it, J has always been in love with art. Being the son of art loving parents, art chose him long before he was born. J picked up his first camera in the summer of 1996 and from there taught himself black and white developing and printing.

The Picatrix Decans cards were created for a couple of different purposes, one of which is to act as physical talismans, empowered as phylacteries or charms to be carried or placed to exude magical effects. There are a multitude of potential procedures to activate and empower the talismans. Every practitioner has their own way of… Read more »