What to Expect from the Tarot

The Tarot is a tool. Unlike some Tarot readers, I don’t claim to be psychic. When I read the cards for another person, I try to help them get the same insights from the cards that I get. The symbols of the Tarot are old. They conjure deep, archetypal ideas from our unconscious minds and can help us approach problems in a new way. When I read the cards, I do not claim to see the future.

Gain Perspective

Using the cards to understand a problem can reveal facets that you hadn’t noticed before. This can lead to important breakthroughs when understanding issues in your life.

Learn a New Approach

Find new solutions to old problems. The perspective you can gain, and the insights brought about by the symbols of the Tarot can help you approach a problem from a different direction.

Ready to Learn More?

You can listen to me give a Tarot reading in this podcast episode, or you can book a reading over video chat or email.