Astrological Talismans (Planetary Magic V)

The pinnacle of planetary magic is astrological magic – harnessing the actual positions and relationships of the planets to empower talismans and images. While this practice involves the art of electional astrology, the strength of the practice relies on the images that capture planetary influence and bind them to the working.

In this advanced class, you will learn how to:

  1. Calculate or discover the names of planetary spirits
  2. Utilize classical planetary images
  3. Create your own astrological images
  4. Design astrological talismans
  5. Invoke planetary powers and spirits

This is the final class in my Planetary Magic course. You can find the rest of the classes in the series here.


To get the most out of this class, you will want some background in planetary magic. Here are some topics I suggest you have some familiarity with:

  • Planetary days and hours
  • Planetary spirits (i.e. archangels, intelligences, Olympic spirits)
  • Basic planetary sigils, such as those used in talismans and amulets
  • Electional astrology

If you want to brush up on electional astrology, check out this amazing introduction from Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim at The Astrology Podcast.

Get the Class

This class is not currently open for enrollment, but it is available as a digital download in the Arnemancy Shop!