Announcing a new class!

Renaissance magicians believed in pansophia, that one person could contain all the knowledge of the cosmos. They developed an Art of Memory designed to contain all of this information, based on their understanding of learning, imagination, and the occult properties of the soul. Why did the Art of Memory disappear, and how can rediscovering it help the modern magician pursue their occult studies?

Isaac Newton was a complicated human. Though he revolutionized our understanding of the physical world with his laws of motion, he was obsessed with alchemy, Biblical prophecies, and King Solomon’s Temple. Was the founder of modern science an alchemist and magician? Perhaps. But that is not what we are here to discuss today!


I am now happy to offer my class, The Magical Philosophy of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, online!

This class explores Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s theory of divine light as illustrated in Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We will examine divine light’s role in both interior and exterior perception, an essential foundation for understanding the practice of image magic. Agrippa’s theory builds upon the earlier theory of rays of celestial influence that connected the macrocosm to the microcosm, and echoes of this approach have made their way into even modern magical practice.


Announcing Grimoire.Social

Since it is the birthday of Sol Invictus, the Unconquerable Sun, please allow me to introduce you to Grimoire.Social, a social media platform catering to those captivated by grimoires, occult books, and the allure of the esoteric. I want Grimoire.Social to improve the way you find new occult books and connect with other magical and esoteric readers.

Ditching Twitter and Facebook

Astute followers may have noticed that I am not posting to Twitter or Facebook very much. However, I am still using social media! I would like to tell you about cool places to follow Arnemancy activity without selling your soul and personal information.

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What about social media?

About a month ago, shortly after Twitter became X, the logo changed for the app on my phone and I just felt so disgusted that I promptly uninstalled it. I just didn’t want to be associated with that website anymore. I had already started exploring Mastodon, so I decided to just make the move over to that platform instead.

I have heard that Mastodon has a reputation for being difficult to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. Wired has posted an excellent guide to getting started with Mastodon. And when you are ready, you can find both of my accounts there:

In addition, Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik has been moving away from Twitter X, and you can find us at on Bluesky.

What about Facebook?

I took the Facebook and Instagram apps off of my phone at least a year ago, and freeing myself from those services has been incredibly liberating! While I may still have some automation software that posts automatically to Facebook, I mostly ignore everything from Meta now. It feels good.

But I would really love to see more of you on Mastodon, so come on over and find me!