Daimon Name Generator

This tool implements the good and evil spirit name calculation from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, book 3 chapter 26. You can learn more about Agrippa’s many methods for calculating spirit names in Brian Pivik’s article in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.

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How to Use This Tool

This tool can be used to generate a spirit’s name from any astrological chart. Typically, it is used with either a natal chart or an electional chart. Input the degree and sign of each point into the form below and click “Calculate”. The tool provides the calculated name in Hebrew and in transliterated Roman characters. Note that you will have to provide your own vowels.

Agrippa suggests that this name is just a base, and that you should append a suffix to the name based on its intended purpose. The suffixes he suggests are:

  • For good or evil spirits: אל (AL)
  • For good spirits: יה or יד (YAH or YOD)

Note: “Prenatal Syzygy” refers to the Full or New Moon directly preceding the chart. You can use the Traditional Astrology Chart Calculator at Astro-Seek to find your Part of Fortune and Prenatal Syzygy without having to do all of the math by hand!

What to Do With The Name

These names can be used in planetary magic for sigils, astrological talismans, or spirit conjuration. To learn more about how to use these spirit names in your practice, check out my class on Astrological Talismans.

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The source code for this calculator is released under the GNU Public License and can be found at its project page.

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