Planetary Magic I and II Bundle

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Get the first two classes in the Planetary Magic course in one bundle! This package contains videos and PDF handouts for both Introduction to Planetary Magic and Lunar Magic. These classes are part of a course intended to guide the magical practitioner in harmonizing, communicating, and working with the powerful energies the classical planets have to offer.

In part one, you will learn:

  1. The basic natures of the seven classical planets
  2. How to build a planet-based magical routine
  3. The Spirits, Intelligences, and Archangels of the planets
  4. How to construct planetary rituals
  5. How to prepare for your first planetary contacts

In part two (Lunar Magic), you will learn:

  1. Lunar correspondences, angels, and spirits.
  2. How to construct rites for honoring and petitioning the Moon.
  3. A full rite for contacting the Olympic Spirit of the Moon.
  4. How to build a frame ritual for Lunar magic.

This package contains two hours of video and over 20 pages of PDF handouts with rituals, tables, instructions, and philosophy around planetary magic.

In addition, this product comes with a special code for 30% off Planetary Magic III when it is released in May 2020.


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