What to Expect from an Email Tarot Reading

You have been considering an email Tarot reading, but you don’t know exactly what to expect. Let me share with you my process in preparing a Tarot reading for email, and what you will receive in your email.

For each of these readings, I gather whichever deck of cards I’m using for the day, and sit down at my reading table with a print-out of your question. I perform these readings just like you are here sitting with me. However, since you will not be sitting here with me, I take a lot of notes. I sit with this process for a while, which gives me some time to mull over the cards.

After all of the note taking, I take a few photos of the Tarot cards. Next, I return to my computer, type up a document, and send everything to you!

What’s in the Email?

Each email contains the following:

  1. A write-up of the Tarot reading
  2. A photograph of the Tarot reading
  3. A nicely formatted PDF document with the photograph and write-up for your records

If you would like to read a sample Tarot reading, download a PDF using the button below. Hint: there is a special bonus for you in the PDF!

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