Surviving Lockdown with Alexx Bollen

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Surviving Lockdown with Alexx Bollen

Returning regular guest Alexx Bollen joined me in Creston Park in Southeast Portland for a socially distant interview. Our primary topic was dealing with depression during the COVID-19 lockdown, but we got into a number of different topics, including synchronicities, chaos magic, microdosing, and Randonautica.

Note that there is some wind noise and plenty of background park noise in this episode. We recorded outdoors and it had been a while, so unfortunately we just have to live with it!

We discuss the general state of Portland during the lockdown. What’s it like on the ground? Where are the people? How are the parks? What happened when the federal government invaded our city? When we get into the politics, we really just wanted to make a few things clear:

  • We don’t want to live in a police state.
  • We don’t want to be murdered by our government.
  • We don’t want anybody to be murdered because of bigotry.
  • Black lives matter!
  • The narrative should not be that Portland is burning down.
  • This should not be a partisan issue!

Alexx and I both acknowledge that none of you are here to hear us talk about politics, and for that we apologize. But politics gets into our occult communities, and if we are not paying attention, then suddenly we get Neo-Nazis and alt-right assholes running corners of our occult world.

Though Alexx and I both had mixed results with Randonautica, we brainstorm some interesting techniques for expanding upon the theme. One that I think is a worthwhile effort is to combine the random destination of Randonautica with the defixio technique from Patrick Dunn’s Magic Power Language Symbol. If you are in Portland, Oregon, join me in trying this out at ///senses.deflection.lived.


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