Synastry and Modern Astrology with Abigail Atkins

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Synastry and Modern Astrology with Abigail Atkins

Abigail Atkins of Discordian Astrology joins me in this episode to discuss various aspects of modern and Kabbalistic astrology. Abigail has studied ritual magic and methods of esoteric spiritual development for nearly a decade, and implements astrology as a means of discovering the Holy Guardian Angel and the soul’s destiny in this lifetime.

Unlike other episodes on astrology, this episode focuses on modern astrology. We discuss synastry, or the comparison of two charts, alongside integration of the slow-moving outer planets and fast-moving asteroids. In addition to this, Abigail integrates her astrological practice deeply into her spiritual practice to produce a unique and enlightening map of reality.

This episode was recorded back in October 2019, and I have to apologize for taking so long to release it.


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