Magic in the United States with Heather Freeman

Heather Freeman returns to the podcast to share her newest podcast project: Magic in the United States. Heather is a Professor of Digital Media at the University of North Charlotte at Charlotte. Her new podcast covers centuries of history of magical practice and folk traditions in North America. Join us as she leads us on the journey of what it’s like to get such an amazing podcast funded through real grants on a major podcast network!

We discuss Heather’s plans for future episodes, as well as the difficulty of using the term “magic” as a catch-all term for the various practices and traditions she covers. I really loved this conversation, and I am certain that you will, too!

Magic in the United States is part of the PRX network and is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This episode includes a short clip from one of its episodes.


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