Seeking the Imago Templi with Michael Sanborn

Michael Sanborn joins me once more to discuss his new Rémi Boyer translation, The Rectified Scottish Rite: From the Doctrine of Reintegration to the Imago Templi. Michael is a book designer and translator specializing in contemporary European esoterica. He participates in several esoteric traditions, including Neoplatonism, and Templarism. He is also a gnostic bishop and a member of Azoth Temple in Portland, Oregon.

Rémi Boyer has explored at length the world of the avant-garde, initiatory traditions, and philosophies of enlightenment. He works within the setting of the House of Surrealists in Cordes-sur-Ciel, for a new alliance between traditions, philosophies of awakening, and the artistic avant-garde. He is the author of some twenty specialized works, particularly on Western initiatory movements.

In my conversation with Michael, we explore the Rectified Scottish Rite, the Doctrine of Reintegration, and the fascinating story of Martinez de Pasqually. This fascinating journey takes us from 18th century Freemasonry through the development of modern Illuminism. Along the way, Michael and I enjoy some kava!


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