Now Enrolling: Introduction to Sigils

My Introduction to Sigils class is once again open for enrollment! I am offering one class on Sunday, December 13th. Use code SIGILCLASS2 in the form below to get 15% off the enrollment fee! That code is good until December 9th.

From the seals of the Goetic spirits to the magical artwork of Austin Osman Spare, sigils are a cornerstone of magical work. They have been part of the Western esoteric tradition since its very roots. The art of working with sigils has continued to evolve and develop over time. At its core, a sigil is the perfect method to put the creativity and imagination of the practitioner to work quickly and effectively.

In this class, we will cover:

  • Chaos magic sigils
  • Planetary sigils with magic squares
  • Sigils with Aiq Bekar and magical alphabets
  • Different methods to charge a sigil
  • Advanced sigil techniques (e.g. servitors and image magic)

New Material

Since the first iteration of Introduction to Sigils at the beginning of 2020, I have learned more about sigils, more about teaching, and had some incredible conversations with students and fellow magicians. This has resulted in some new material! This new iteration of the class will include more examples to help YOU get started with sigils in your own practice.

New Recording

At the beginning of the year, when I was first recording classes, I had a very poor internet connection. This class will give me the opportunity to get a fresh new recording, better and improved! Even if you can’t make the class, watch for an announcement that the new class recording is available in the Arnemancy Shop.

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