A Very Enochian Christmas with Cliff

A Very Enochian Christmas
A Very Enochian Christmas with Cliff

Happy holidays, everybody! What is more packed with holiday cheer than Enochian magic? In this episode, I am joined by Cliff from Enochian Today to discuss his extensive and in-depth exploration of Enochian magic. Our conversation briefly covers the history of Enochian magic and the partnership between John Dee and Edward Kelley, and then we dive deep into the evolution of the system and Cliff’s work with gebofal.

Gebofal is a 49-day ritual that works with complex tables found in the Liber Logaeth. Cliff explains how he worked with these tables, the mathematic structure of these tables, and the hierarchy of spirits that seem to be laid out in the Enochian heptarchy. This is complicated magic, and if this episode interests you at all, please be sure to check out Cliff’s blog for an in-depth look at his process.

Cliff has practiced ceremonial magic for about twenty years, and has been deeply involved in Enochian magic for about two years or so.

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