S01E10 Ingrid Kincaid the Rune Woman

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S01E10 Ingrid Kincaid the Rune Woman

I first met Ingrid Kincaid in 2017 when she visited my Masonic lodge to give a lecture on Yule and ancient Northern European traditions. Her name kept coming up in conversation after that as many of my friends and associates told me I should talk to her about runes. I finally reached out to her and we met in her home to record this podcast episode in the shadow of her giant mounted caribou head.

Ingrid's Caribou

Ingrid Kincaid has been studying the runes for 40 years. She has published two books on the subject. Her expertise is held in such high regard that she is known as the Rune Woman. In this episode, Ingrid and I discuss her unique approach to the runes and to ancestral knowledge. We talk about how she discovered the runes, what wisdom they have brought her, and how her ongoing work with them has changed and influenced the world around her.

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