S01E09 The Dark Exact LIVE at Rose City Book Pub

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S01E09 The Dark Exact LIVE at Rose City Book Pub

Coleman Stevenson of the Dark Exact joined me at the Rose City Book Pub for a live podcast recording, and it was great! We filled up the venue and more than forty people were in the audience. We talk about Tarot, art, the process of creation, creativity, cats, and all kinds of great stuff. The Q&A session with the audience was particularly invigorating.

Recording and sound was done by my very talented brother, Nick Arneson. Go check out his music!


This was our first live recording and we didn’t always do a great job getting the microphones to some of the questioners! However, overall this was a great event and I look forward to doing another one.

Make sure you check out A Small Collection of Specialized Spreads, edited by Coleman and featuring a Tarot spread by me!

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