Werewolf Magick with Denny Sargent

Werewolf Magick
Werewolf Magick with Denny Sargent

If you are saying right now, “Reverend Erik, this should have been your Hallowe’en episode,” know that I agree. And here is why: joining me for this episode is Denny Sargent, author of the recently released book Werewolf Magic: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy. He is, of course, here to talk about werewolves.

Our conversation covers Denny’s background as an occultist and magician, and then we explore how the concept of werewolf magic came about, and how it was developed. We discuss the history of shapeshifting as well as the nature of its practice, including topics such as spirit vision, the “Double”, and other related concepts. Most importantly, Denny is a lively and engaging speaker, so we talk for a long time and only sometimes get off topic. I think you’ll be proud of us!

Denny, also known as Aion 131 and Hermeticusnath, is a Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. Involved for decades with many esoteric traditions, the author has published works on alternative religions, Hermetic magic, Taoism, animism, Shinto, and Tantra. His published books include Global Ritualism, The Tao of Birth Days, Your Guardian Angel and You, Clean Sweep, The Book of the Horned One, Naga Magick, Dancing With Spirits, and Werewolf Magick.

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