Chaos Magic with Luxa Strata

Chaos magic! What is it? Well, in this episode, I am joined by Luxa Strata. Luxa is an artist and magician and is host of the Lux Occult Podcast as well as the organizer for The Green Mushroom Project, an ongoing large-scale group magical working.

We not only discuss chaos magic, but Luxa’s musical endeavors, her work creating the Green Mushroom project and its associated hyphosigil, and also what the heck a hyphosigil is. Hint: it is not a hypersigil!

Please enjoy a little holiday chaos with Luxa Strata and the Arnemancy Podcast!

By the way, this episode includes both colorful language and some sexual content, so keep that in mind before letting your youngsters and impressionable family members listen.

Bonus: Make sure to check out my appearance on the Lux Occult Podcast, which is going to be available about the same time that this episode is released!


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