Podcast Episodes

What Is Magic?

This episode is part three of our deep dive into Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. If you feel lost and would like to catch up with the first two episodes, you can find them on the page for this series. In this episode, we will explore Agrippa’s definition of magic, both through… Read more »

Welcome to the second part of our deep-dive into Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s hugely influential giant book, Three Books of Occult Philosophy. In this episode, we will be searching for the answer to a pressing question: how did Agrippa manage to write such an enormous book before he even turned 25? Thanks to Eric Purdue’s long… Read more »

Welcome to the first episode in a series that will be exploring the content, message, and ongoing influence of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s magnum opus, De occulta philosophia libri tres, better known in the modern world as Three Books of Occult Philosophy. In this series of episodes, I will talk to experts, translators, historians, and magicians… Read more »

The new year is nigh! Once again, I am joined by my two amazing friends, astrologer Andrew B. Watt and cartomancer T. Susan Chang, to attempt to forecast the future. Together, we put our divinatory skills to the test. As Andrew interprets astrological charts for each month, Susie draws Tarot cards, and I am there… Read more »

Happy holidays, everybody! What is more packed with holiday cheer than Enochian magic? In this episode, I am joined by Cliff from Enochian Today to discuss his extensive and in-depth exploration of Enochian magic. Our conversation briefly covers the history of Enochian magic and the partnership between John Dee and Edward Kelley, and then we… Read more »

If you are saying right now, “Reverend Erik, this should have been your Hallowe’en episode,” know that I agree. And here is why: joining me for this episode is Denny Sargent, author of the recently released book Werewolf Magic: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy. He is, of course, here to talk about werewolves. Our conversation covers Denny’s… Read more »

A Tale of Two Tarot Decks

In this extra special episode, I will be interviewing two Tarot decks. I know what you are thinking: Tarot decks don’t talk. But what if they could? Well, let’s find out. My first guest this episode is an old and slightly crazy friend, my first edition copy of Robert M. Place’s Alchemical Tarot. And after… Read more »

In this very special episode, C.R. “Chuck” Dunning, Jr., joins me to discuss meditation and mysticism in group practices. Chuck recently published a new book, The Contemplative Lodge: A Manual for Masons Doing Inner Work Together, which is a companion to his earlier book, Contemplative Masonry: Basic Applications of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Imagery for the… Read more »

In this episode, I am joined by Heather D. Freeman to discuss digital occultism in all of its glorious forms. We cover virtual ritual, WitchTok, bots, social media, familiars, spirit helpers, next generation Gardnerian Wicca, and many more fascinating topics. Heather is Professor of Art in Digital Media at the University of North Carolina Charlotte… Read more »