Podcast Episodes

Jeffrey Groves, sometimes known as Satyr Magos, is a magical jeweler, public ritualist, novelist, and photographer. Xie joins me in this episode to discuss making astrological talismans, but our conversation also encompasses everything from magical origin stories to technology to the trials of being an artist in the 21st century. We also discuss Jeffrey’s experiences… Read more »

Recently, I had the honor of joining my friends Dom and Janus on their podcast, The Magician and the Fool. We discussed dreams, dream magic, images, image magic, and the incredible power of the imagination. I didn’t realize that we had talked for so long! I hope you enjoy this, and make sure to check… Read more »

Joining me this episode to discuss artificial intelligence, theurgy, the art of memory, and the alphabet of human thought is my friend Jack Kausch. Jack is a PhD student in Information Science at Western University of Ontario. His project is to create a characteristica universalis which uses hieroglyphs to translate information between different languages and… Read more »

Michael Sanborn joins me once more to discuss his new Rémi Boyer translation, The Rectified Scottish Rite: From the Doctrine of Reintegration to the Imago Templi. Michael is a book designer and translator specializing in contemporary European esoterica. He participates in several esoteric traditions, including Neoplatonism, and Templarism. He is also a gnostic bishop and… Read more »

In this episode, I am joined by Marlene Seven Bremner. She is a self-taught oil painter, author, poet, and musician, exploring esoteric themes arising from her study and practice of Hermeticism, alchemy, magic, astrology, and mythology. Seven developed her painting career in the Pacific Northwest, showing her work in both group and solo exhibitions along… Read more »

Melissa Madara joins me to discuss cooking and magic. This is not your typical kitchen witchcraft, either, but recipes and foods drawn from grimoires, Renaissance magic, the PGM, and other ancient traditions. Melissa is a witch, chef, storyteller, botanist, and co-owner at Catland Books. Their work deals with the healing power of myth, divination, and… Read more »

Denny Sargent returns to the podcast with more howling fun! Denny is a Seattle writer, artist, and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. He is the author of Werewolf Magick and Werewolf Pack Magick, and the upcoming Feral Magick. In this episode, we discuss his… Read more »

Chaos Magic with Luxa Strata

Chaos magic! What is it? Well, in this episode, I am joined by Luxa Strata. Luxa is an artist and magician and is host of the Lux Occult Podcast as well as the organizer for The Green Mushroom Project, an ongoing large-scale group magical working. We not only discuss chaos magic, but Luxa’s musical endeavors,… Read more »