Happy New Year!

It’s now 2024, and things are happening! If you are in Portland, you can come and see me speak at Dark Star Magick this month. Read on for details and for more news.

The Magical Philosophy of Agrippa

At 6:00pm on January 14th, I will be speaking at Dark Star Magick right here in Portland, Oregon! Dark Star Magick is a really great occult bookshop, and you should definitely check it out. Here is the description of my lecture:

This lecture explores Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s theory of divine light as illustrated in Three Books of Occult Philosophy. We will examine divine light’s role in both interior and exterior perception, an essential foundation for understanding the practice of image magic. Agrippa’s theory builds upon the earlier theory of rays of celestial influence that connected the macrocosm to the microcosm, and echoes of this approach have made their way into even modern magical practice.
In this lecture, you will learn many interesting elements of Renaissance magical theory, including:

  • Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy and its place within the Renaissance hermetic tradition.
  • Understanding divine light as the intermediary between the celestial and physical world.
  • Learning how active perception with the inner senses is core to Agrippa’s magic.
  • Techniques for empowering magical images using Agrippa’s theory of divine light.

This class is intended for any student of magic or Western occultism who wants to learn more about Three Books of Occult Philosophy and its importance in the Western esoteric tradition.

If that sounds interesting, register for the lecture!

The Return of the Other Trithemian Art

Two years ago, I ran a class called The Other Trithemian Art: Secret Codes and Ciphers of the Magicians. It focused on the use of cryptography in magic and occult practices, specifically on using classical or manual ciphers to beef up the creation of talismans and sigils. This topic is near and dear to my heart, and people have been asking about it a lot lately.

The result is, I will be offering the class once more, around the end of February. I will be making a formal announcement soon, after I get the web pages and registration stuff set up. If you are interested in this class, the best way to get notified of its availability is to sign up for the Arnemancy Newsletter.

More Podcast Episodes are Coming

2023 saw the podcast moving at a slower tempo than usual. I am aiming to increase the episode output to two a month until summer. I have several interviews recorded, and more planned. My goal is to bring more of the enriching conversations that you all seem to enjoy.

In addition, I have been working hard with my friend Alexx to produce more episodes of Wiz Biz with Alexx and Erik, so make sure you check out that show! It’s more casual, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Thank You All!

As I say in every podcast episode, the Arnemancy project wouldn’t exist without all of you readers, listeners, seekers, and students! My life has been greatly enriched by this entire experience, and I am excited to be moving into Arnemancy’s 10th year with all of you.

Here’s to 2024!!

The featured image for this post is a photo taken by my friend Josh. Follow him on Instagram!

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