My Favorite Nine-Card Spread

If you’ve had a full-form reading from me in person, then you’ve probably seen my nine-card spread. It doesn’t have a name, but I’ve been working with it for about a year now, and I really like it. This description will be very useful to those of you who like to take a photo of your readings to reference later. Read on to see the meanings of the positions in these nine cards.

Arnemancy 9-Card Spread

For a Full Write-Up

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First Card: The Situation

If you had a specific question, then this card indicates aspects of that question that is focused on in this reading. If you didn’t have a specific question, then this card helps you dial in on the aspect of your life that the reading is about.

Second Card: What to Avoid

Certain issues and aspects of the situation need to be avoided if progress is to be made. If this is a positive card, it might be telling you to avoid pursuing or focusing on that particular positive aspect.

Third Card: What to Pursue

Progress sometimes comes through struggle. This card shows you what to pursue. Negative cards in this spot show aspects of yourself and your situation that you are ready to conquer.

Fourth Card: Obstacles

Some things get in the way. Look for both negative and positive cards in this spot to face fears and drop illusions.

Fifth Card: Tools

You might already be well-equipped to tackle your problems. The card in this spot shows you what you already have or what you need to get to resolve the issue.

Sixth Card: Past Influences

Your past is what builds your present. Use this card to find elements in your past that are influencing the present situation.

Seventh Card: Potential Outcome

This card is vague. It can either show what might happen if your current path doesn’t change, or what could happen if you correct your course and act with wisdom and virtue.

Eighth Card: What’s Beneath You

It’s nice to get easy news near the end of the reading. This card shows something that you just don’t have to worry about.

Ninth Card: The Crown

Finally, this card provides a summary of the entire reading. The crowning card wraps up the reading and gives you a final message.

Notes on Reversed Cards

Since I don’t use reversed cards, the Second and Fourth positions in this spread give the strongly positive cards an opportunity to let their negative sides out. It can be difficult to find good readings for positive cards in those positions. Sometimes you can look at them as false optimism, or sometimes as ignorance toward the truth of a matter. They can also reveal places where premature complacency acts as a barrier toward moving forward.


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