Bruno and the Future with Scott Gosnell

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Bruno and the Future with Scott Gosnell

Scott Gosnell recently finished translating his seventh Giordano Bruno book, Song of Circe & On the Composition of Images. Through this long process, he has become more familiar with Bruno’s work than probably 99.9% of the people on the planet. We have talked many times on this podcast and the Arnemancy blog about how brilliant Bruno is, and Scott’s insight into this Renaissance genius has influenced his understanding of the modern world.

In this episode, we discuss not only Scott’s work on Bruno, but the state of the world today, how we can make sure our information about the modern world is good, and how we can start preparing for an uncertain future. He discusses the importance of looking for diverse perspectives in order to understand the information bubbles we all live in, and how other ways of looking at things can help us find new ways to think.

Here in the United States, the national election is right on top of us, and there are plenty of whispers about the uncertainty of this country’s future. Scott’s advice for evaluating politics through a broader lens and intelligently planning for the future meshes well with my season one conversation with Andrew Watt in Wizards of the Future and can help you take a closer look at your own preparations.

Scott Gosnell is an entrepeneur, scholar, and startup consultant who helps with risk management and personal coaching.


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