Wizards of the Future with Andrew Watt

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Wizards of the Future with Andrew Watt

Andrew B. Watt joins me on this podcast episode to discuss various visions of the future and how we as magicians, occultists, and wizards can prepare for the future — any future! In particular, we discuss the competing ideas of John Michael Greer and Gordon White, futures both pessimistic and optimistic. We also take a look at the 200 and 800 year Jupiter-Saturn cycles proposed by noted astrologer Austin Coppock. How valid are any of these future predictions and what can we do to get ready?

Andrew B. Watt is a blogger in the northeastern United States. He and I first talked about sewing and magic on episode 48 of My Alchemical Bromance, and he convinced me that I should make my magical robe during that conversation.

This conversation was a blast. Andrew is a great thinker and we really dive into some current topics in a way I’m not sure this podcast has ever explored before. Let us know what you think in the comments — and in the meantime, here are some links!

Recommended reading before diving into this episode is book 4, chapter 5 of the Picatrix — yes, ultimate nerds that we are, our entire discussion about your future does end up rooted in an ancient book on pagan Arabian astrological wizard junk. Enjoy!

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Jack Kausch

Not only was AB Watt right about the Hejira, when you misremembered it as 632 you were remembering the Prophet’s death, so well done…


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