Taurus III: The Seven of Pentacles

Our next stop on the Decan Walk is the third face of Taurus. The Seven of Pentacles is the card associated with the Third Decan of Taurus, which covers 20° to 30° of that sign. In 2021, the Sun was in Taurus III from May 10th to May 20th. The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, and its third Decan is governed by Saturn. This is the last Decan of Taurus; next we move into Gemini and some exceeding cheerful Swords cards.1

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The Seven of Pentacles

RWS Seven of PentaclesHere at the end of Taurus, our first earth sign, we come across another very earthy card. Of course, all of the Pentacles are cards of elemental Earth, but here we see it spelled out very plainly. The man in this card is a gardener or a farmer, and he has been working the earth. His plants stand before him, overflowing with sweet, sweet pentacles. However, he doesn’t look as though he is having a great time. He looks bored or exhausted. Apparently this card is hard work.

Sevens are cards about obstacles. When you are lucky, the obstacles are things to be confronted and overcome easily. Sometimes the obstacles exist in your mind or heart. But the Pentacles are never that abstract. This card is about an obstacle in the material world. Unfortunately, it is not an obstacle that can be pushed aside. The material world is not just about matter and space; it is also about time. This card speaks of hard work over time. It is about perseverance, endurance, and toil.

I don’t usually look at this card in a really negative manner, though. I usually read it as a card that promises, “You shall reap what you sow.” Hard work brings benefits and rewards. The cards around it could offer different messages, though, such as a warning that you will need to work hard even if failure awaits you. This is one of those aspects of the sevens; they present the obstacles or warn about roadblocks, but they do not tell you what awaits beyond them.

This card is also about getting your hands dirty. The work needs to be yours. Just as the farmer must pick up the spade and work until he is exhausted, so must you take a hands-on approach to your own obstacles. While this might seem like an annoyance, it also means that the fruits of your labor will be the result of your own efforts and endeavors. The machine is being powered by your own blood and sweat. It fits well with the nature of the suit of Pentacles.

Taurus III: Saturn and Venus

We are wrapping up Taurus, but here in the physical world, at least in my part of the world, it is still a very earthy time. Working in the soil doesn’t really get to stop, I suppose.

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  1. They are not cheerful. 

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