On a Boat with Captain Tres Henry

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On a Boat with Captain Tres Henry

You’ve got permission to come aboard this podcast episode! My guest in this episode is Captain Tres Henry, who also joined me back in April. We discuss divination, destiny, magic, and reality. Divination is not just a read-only operation, and we discuss what this means for the diviner who is also a magician.

This is a nerdy episode. We build up a metaphor between computer programming, divination, and magic. We dive into the notion of randomness and how it is connected to free will and determinism, a topic also at the heart of my chat with Allen Drake. We discuss a number of other esoteric topics, but take some time to also discuss boats. Get ready to learn about rigging and masts and other sailor terms like that.

We also talk about the Captain’s two pieces of software, Urania and Georatio. The former is astrological software geared toward magicians, and the second is a geomancy tool.

I am also joined in this episode by guest co-host Matt Anthony, who you will doubtlessly recall as one of my co-hosts from My Alchemical Bromance. If you want to see what else Matt has been up to, check out his YouTube channel, Mattatarian!

This episode marks several important milestones:

  1. It is my first episode recorded on a boat!
  2. It is my first in-person recording in a long time. My last was with Alexx Bollen in October 2020.
  3. It is the last episode of season two! The podcast will return with season three in September.


The featured image for this episode is Zeegezicht met oorlogsvloot (1821) by Cornelis Ploos van Amstel. Original from The Rijksmuseum.

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